The Captain


Size: 96cm X  
63cm X  
Medium: Korean inju on hanji paper
Frame: Wooden panel
Edition of 1


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Many media outlets were quick to point the finger at the captain who was captured absconding the sinking vessel in his underwear. The reports continued rolling in that he was not in control of the ship during the most arduous part of its journey, leaving only an inexperienced member of the crew to steer the ship. A lot of mystery as to why the ship was not evacuated immediately still exists, but the blame and accusations are still strongly directed towards Lee Joon-Seok.
Using the Chinese character ‘蟲’ for ‘bug’, which carries strong connotations of cowardice and negligence, this piece questions the captain’s authority and actions during the time of the accident. Color theory was a key factor in this piece, with the red face suggesting embarrassment and hinting at the media’s evil discernment of Captain Lee. When coupled with the black hood, this brings a terrifying ‘bringer of death’ or grim reaper-esque analogy to the piece, echoing the articles of blame published by various media outlets.
As a final note, in Western culture yellow denotes cowardice, so the background is evident in conveying this idea.