The Girls


Size: 87cm X  
60cm X  
Medium: Korean inju on hanji paper
Frame: Wooden panel
Edition of 1


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The students that survived are rarely reported on now, and rightly so, but the media was criticized for its initial coverage of the Sewol tragedy, reporting that all passengers were rescued safely.
In this image, the faces are left blank and unidentifiable – much the way I vehemently believe the media should have left them to come to terms with the crisis.
This was an appalling act of journalism, with reports of some survivors being hounded by reporters and photographed without consent, in what many believe to be highly unreasonable circumstances.
The symbol used to construct this image is ‘悲歎’ which is the Chinese symbol for ‘grief’. I chose this photograph to work from as it strongly discloses the feelings of loneliness and dependence as they come to terms with the disaster.