Solo Exhibition

Life in Korea


Old Gaol,  
Buckingham, UK

This exhibition features artwork created whilst I lived in the Republic of Korea (ROK), more commonly known as South Korea. Whilst in Korea I focused on the conflicts within modern day Korean society, as the nation is driven forward with huge technological advancements, whilst desperately trying to cling on to its cultural roots.

The work on display is from a nine-year period ranging from 2007 to 2016 featuring work on a broad range of subjects, including animal welfare, the immense beauty of the Korean mountains, Korean clothing and customs, perceptions of nudity within the Korean peninsula and a ferry disaster that killed over 300 people.

Whilst the work is predominantly photographical, there are elements of print making and sculpture that will be on display, as well as a special short video piece that will played during the opening event.

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The following works also appeared in 

Life in Korea: