Group Exhibition

Thursday Flicks


Rugby Art Gallery,  
Rugby, UK

Invitation to exhibit in Rugby Art Gallery’s Thursday Flicks video event night, where I presented ‘4 Cities’

Tammy Woodrow, organiser of the Thursday Flickers programme, will introduce work by video artist Martyn Thompson. Martyn graduated from Northampton University and currently lives in South Korea where he is investigating the technological advancements in video art. His work is profoundly influenced by the artist Nam June Paik.

Nick Loquens, based just outside Stratford Upon Avon, is a stop motion animation & live action film maker. As a model maker & conceptual designer, Nick has previously worked on Creature Comforts series 2 & Creature Comforts USA. He will be screening his animation Eyes in the Darkness.

Edward Loades, DV director and art department assistant, will present his music video I Feel It; the title of a song produced by The Urban Myth Club. Edward has worked with several production companies including, Mutton Jeff Productions, Pulse Films, Soho, Kurtz Films and Archers Mark International and the Producers’ Forum in Birmingham.

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The following works also appeared in 

Thursday Flicks: