Performance Exhibition



Gallery I,  
Seoul, South Korea

The second exhibition that I curated in South Korea…

The Baekdu-Daegan mountain ridge, travels down the centre of the Korean peninsula, splitting the country in half, while acting as the geological backbone for the divided nation. The range provides many impressive views, with the numerous peaks and landscapes along the way having inspired Korean
artists for generations. Whether looking afar from the top, or viewing from the base, the physical presence of these mountains is hard to go unnoticed.

Let’s leave, let’s leave,
Let’s live on the green mountain!
With wild berries and thyme,
Let’s live on the green mountain!
Yalli yalli yallasyong yallari yalla

This poem was written by a number of subordinates, who were escaping the ruling class, at a time when the subordinate classes within Korea had no homes or assets, and formed the basis for a passive revolution.
With thoughts that mother-nature would protect them, and that the green mountains were able to provide shelter and food, the subordinates pursued freedom within their lives.
These days, the mountains continue to oer us so much. Whether it be in the form of solitude after a week of urban endeavours, a place to exercise, or simply to gaze upon the surrounding area.

This exhibition aims to ask the question about what the true fruits of our lives are, and to marvel at the splendour and the beauty that the mountains enrich our lives with.

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