Group Exhibition

Mirror Mirror


Gallery M,  
Seoul, South Korea

At some point during their careers, most artists will turn to themselves as the subject matter for their creations.

Throughout history, artists have, and will continue to use a variety of mediums and methods to capture images of their own faces, whether this be in a classroom in a school, looking at our reflection in a mirror, or a smart phone picture, the love for ourselves, and the way we look, feel and are perceived by others will continue to be a source of inspiration.

No longer are artists simply drawing or painting themselves on paper or canvas. Whether it be a selfie from outer space, swirling, colored lines, or immaculately detailed sculptures, or painting oneself in a fantasy world, or a simple pencil drawing; each person has the unique ability to communicate their physical form to an audience via self-portraiture.

‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’ – Grimm Tales – Tale 53 – Snow White, (1812) by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

As we look at ourselves in a mirror, whom do we really see? In a society obsessed with aesthetical beauty, what feelings awaken whilst gazing at our self-reflection?

This exhibition pulls together a collection of self-portraits from artists from across the globe, and tackle issues from human emotion, cultural, and philosophical aspects of the artist’s identity to the physical representation of the form of the artists face in new and challenging ways.

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Mirror Mirror: