Group Exhibition



Golmok Gallery,  
Seoul, South Korea

On the day of Halloween 2011, sources predicted that the seven billionth person entered our world. Trends show that the world probably only reached one billion people around the year 1800. What was it that has led our species to be successful in occupying even the most diverse areas of the planet?

In today’s world where technological equipment controls huge aspects of our lives, it is easily forgotten that not so long ago we were reliant on our physical attributes to survive and flourish. tools were fashioned from simple objects such as stone and wood in order to make lighter work of the duties required. The more we learned the more we were able to extract from the earth and forge newer, better, stronger tools and weapons to protect ourselves, enabling homo-sapiens to strive in a land that has been less fortuitous to other animals.

Machines have taken away many of the manual labor jobs previously necessary in areas such as construction and building. Artificial intelligence can respond to our questions and requests in portable devices. The role of a human being within the world has changed dramatically and will continue to do so as our understanding of our planet and ourselves proceeds to develop.

This exhibition aims to raise questions about the past successes, failures and achievements of our species, our path to where we are and our future that lies ahead of us by providing a collaboration of work from artists from around the world.


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