The Cabin Girl


Size: 60cm X  
110cm X  
Medium: Korean inju on drawing paper
Frame: Black wooden frame
Edition of 1


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Park Ji-Young was the first to be hailed as a hero, as reports of her remaining onboard the ship to help students emerged. After running out of life jackets, she is reported to have given her own to a student, before telling them that she would disembark only when she had ensured the safety of all passengers. Unfortunately she met her demise when she was unable to escape before the water claimed her life.
With this piece being the rst completed of the series, it has a slightly different feeling from the later ones. The use of only one color means that the image is much flatter and lifeless than the pieces that it precedes. This is also the only piece produced on standard drawing paper, rather than on hanji. The dojang stamps produced after this were inverted, meaning the printed color became the background color and vice-versa. This allowed for more control when building up textures in subsequent images.
The Chinese symbol ‘忠’ corresponds to these acts accordingly, hailing her loyalty and devotion. It is usually only used in recognition of military actions, but I have used this to heighten her status after she gave the country some hope and due to the small glimmer of positivity that stemmed from the actions of those aboard.
With this being the only monotone piece in the series, red was chosen due to it most commonly being interpreted as the color of blood. The pupils of the eyes were intentionally enlarged to further illustrate a lack of life.